Young(ish) Adults

The “Youngish” program at Westminster provides a spiritual and social home for folks in their early twenties all the way up to their late thirties (lets be honest, we've got a few youngish 40 year olds too). Whether you're single or long-married, without kids or with a host of them, as long as you remember the 90s, we're glad to have you join us.

To host a Wednesday discussion (please?!), contact Leigh. Unless otherwise specified there will be childcare at Westminster.

Winter/Spring 2017 Calendar

  • January 4: Trivia at Mellow Mushroom (1 Augusta St.), no childcare
  • January 18: Fellowship & Discussion, Blount Home
  • February 15: Fellowship & Discussion, the Blockhouse
  • March 1: Ash Wednesday Worship followed by dinner
  • March 15: Fellowship & Discussion, the Blockhouse
  • April 5: Dinner & Discussion, the Blockhouse
  • April 19: Fellowship & Discussion, the Blockhouse
  • April 22 (SATURDAY): Young Adult/ New Member Habitat Build Day (more info + sign up here)
  • May 6 (SATURDAY): Hands on Greenville Day
  • June 4 (SUNDAY): Low Country Boil at Brewery 85
  • August 12 (SATURDAY): Lunch & Brewery Tour at Sierra Nevada (Asheville)

**for our Wednesday series join us at 6:15pm for fellowship, the program formally begins ca. 6:30pm.

Why aren't we meeting at WPC? Well, just because we're off campus doesn't mean we're not still church—this year we'll hold our regular discussion series with an added bit of food, fellowship, and libation. We meet every first and third Wednesday. Every first Wednesday will be at a local restaurant. Every third will be at a home somewhere in the Greenville area. Come discuss faith and current events ... maybe even snoop around someone's house! We begin around 6:15 and wrap up by 7:30. Come hungry.   

Do y'all have childcare?  Unless otherwise noted, childcare is available at the Westminster Nursery from 6:15-7:45. Please enter through the double doors next to the choir room and follow the ramp to the nursery.

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