Westminster-Carolina High Connection

Join us to support a new opportunity which is less than six miles from our church campus and will involve only four hours of your time three times between January and April next year…12 hours to make a difference in hundreds of young lives at Carolina High School in West Greenville.

In January we will launch the Westminster-Carolina High Connection, a program which has been in the planning over the last six months.  Carolina High School (CHS), located just off White Horse Road, has a student population that is roughly 40% black, 40% Hispanic and 20% white.  Only a few years ago, the graduation rate was under 49% but in 2017, the rate increased to 84%.  The school is an amazing story of how an inspired principal, Mr. Michael Delaney, totally revolutionized a school by converting their curriculum to “Project Based Learning” which gets his students to work on real-world problems and come up with innovative solutions. 

But there is so much more that is possible – and that’s where we need your help in the WPC-Carolina Connection.  There is a great need to provide guidance and instruction to these students on “life skills and opportunities.”  WPC will be bringing in outside subject matter experts on money management, how to apply and interview for jobs, and college entrance board exam preparation – but we also expose them to the arts in our community.  This includes tours of the Warehouse Theater, the Fine Arts Center and the Greenville Symphony.

 While we are bringing in these outside experts and arranging tours of the arts scene in Greenville, the faculty and staff of Carolina High will have the ability to further develop their teaching skills in professional development sessions. These will happen over an approximately 3-hour period from 9:00 - 11:50 a.m. while WPC members “shepherd” or "teach" in an engaging project based learning enviroment with students  on January 29th, March 26rd, and April 23rd. 

Sunday training sessions are underway and will continue until December 17in room 209 from 10 - 11 a.m.  You do not have to attend all sessions in order to help.  Audio recordings are available for sessions you miss or wish to review again.  Everyone interested in learning more is encouraged to attend the classes even if your schedule does not allow for your participation.  We hope you will be proud to share this new mission with your friends and colleagues as we all work together to invest in our kids so that Carolina can retain their outstanding teachers.

Contact Susan McLarty, Mission Outreach Coordinator, for additional information.

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