The Christian Wedding

A Christian wedding is an act of worship.  Bride, groom, and congregation join together to give thanks to God and to ask God's blessing upon the couple's life as husband and wife.  As bride and groom, you make a solemn vow before God, and the congregation acts as your witnesses.  In the service all join to worship, thank, and praise God and to ask God to be present in the couple's marriage.

Since the Christian wedding is an act of public worship by the couple and their church, the church's pastor is responsible for the ordering of the ceremony.  In a Christian wedding ceremony the worship of God is central.  Nothing in a service should distract the couple or congregation from giving God the place of honor.

Planning Your Wedding

The physical facilities of Westminster Presbyterian Church are available to church members.  When you begin to make your plans, please consult with the head of staff pastor and the office manager.  He/she will reserve the facilities you need. 

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