Sunday School

Adult Education Opportunities

As nature begins to slow down and gets ready for winter's rest, we find ourselves hurling into the holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Maybe God is suggesting that we follow nature's wisdom and slow ourselves down for a time of calm, reflection, and restoration.  Sunday School offers us an hour each week, combined with worship, to relax, ponder and be encouraged in our walk with Jesus.  Join us for the following classes from November 5 - December 17, at 10:00 a.m.

  1. The Consequences and Effects of the Reformation.  The Protestant Reformations began in 1517, and a hundred years later witches were being burned, the Catholic Inquisition was searching for heretics, and the spectacular St. Peter's Basilica was consecrated.  Religion, government, and culture were going through tremendous change as the consequences of the Reformation were played out across Europe and the world.  This lecture-style class will look at the lingering effects of the Reformation and ponder how these influences still resonate today.  Teacher: Jean Weaver (Room 212)
  2. The Jesus Windows.  What are the scripture passages behind our New Testament stained glass, and why were they chosen to represent Jesus in our sanctuary windows?  Why are there images like a spool of thread or a basket of fish basket included?  What is in the "lost" window?  How do the teachings depicted in their beauty relate to our lives of faith today?  Join us in this class of information and discussion about Jesus in our sanctuary and in our lives.  Teacher: Barbara Stoop (Room 210)
  3. The Text This Week.  Join us each Sunday as we examine more deeply the text from that day's worship.  This is a discussion-based class and is an informal way to get to know others and help find your place at WPC.  We will enjoy coffee and conversation as we delve into the Sunday scripture, sermon and events from the week's news.  Teacher: Leigh Stuckey (Room 211)
  4. Westminster-Carolina High Connection.  Several weeks ago, you first heard about the Westminster-Carolina High Connection and we are excited by your outstanding response.  Now we want to begin preparing those of you who signed up AND others who didn't sign up but want to know more.  Join us in a special Sunday School class that starts with an overview of the program, why Westminster helped develop it and how you can be a vital part of this initiative.  Carolina High is a school that is beating the odds.  Come join the class and learn how you can help change lives six miles away on three days in January, March and April, 2018 - with just four hours each time!  Coordinator: Steve Johnson (Room 209)
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