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Adult Education Opportunities

John Calvin, the scholar, writer, and spiritual forefather of modern Presbyterianism, taught that study and education are central to living the Christian life.  What we learn and discuss at church should transform how we live in our world.  At Westminster, we offer courses on the Bible, theology, social issues, and relationships in a rotation model.  Class options change every 6-8 weeks so that members can learn about and discuss our Christian faith and all of its implications.  With this model, people of all ages, genders, opinions, and interests are constantly rearranging and getting to know each other.  Join us in this vibrant style of Christian adult education.  During Lent the following classes will be offered beginning Sunday, March 5, at 10:00 a.m.  You can join any class at any point.

  1. Ecclesiastes, Modern Etiquette and Too Much PC-ness.  Looking at this very challenging Wisdom Book in the Old Testament, this discussion class will debate what the original author was trying to say.  Was he saying that life is meaningless and death is the end of everything, or was he saying "Carpe Diem" seize the day, be grateful and enjoy what you have been given?  What part do morals, honesty and good behavior make life more pleasing or do they matter?  The second part of the class will look at Americans who have influenced morals and behaviors in our society, and then how our culture is being shaped by social media and political correctness.  Teacher: Judith Chandler-Huse (Room 210)
  2. Faith and Works: A Bible Study of Galatians and James.  If we are saved by grace, then why should we have to bother to do good works?  Grace versus the Law was a struggle in the early church even as it is for us today.  As Lent begins, we will look at these letters written by Paul and James and compare and contrast their teachings about how to live our lives as faithful Christians.  Teacher: Barbara Stoop (Room 212)
  3. How Did I Get to Be 65 When I'm 35 Inside?  Spiritual Surprises of Later Life.  Using a book by Linda Douty, Jean Weaver, who just received her notification to sign up for Medicare, will ponder whether aging is something to be feared or to be celebrated.  As each of us ages, what surprises does God have in store for us?  And with the surprises, challenges, and changes, will we blossom or wither?  Teacher: Jean Weaver (Room 211)
  4. The Text This Week.  Join us each Sunday as we examine more deeply the text from that day's worship.  This is a discussion-based class and is an informal way to get to know others and help find your place at WPC.  We will enjoy coffee and conversation as we delve into the Sunday Scripture, sermon, and events from the week's news.  Teacher: Leigh Stuckey (Room 209)
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