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Adult Education Opportunities

John Calvin, the scholar, writer, and spiritual forefather of modern Presbyterianism, taught that study and education are central to living the Christian life.  What we learn and discuss at church should transform how we live in our world.  At Westminster, we offer courses on the Bible, theology, social issues, and relationships in a rotation model.  Class options change every 6-8 weeks so that members can learn about and discuss our Christian faith and all of its implications.  With this model, people of all ages, genders, opinions, and interests are constantly rearranging and getting to know each other.  Join us in this vibrant style of Christian adult education.  The following classes will be offered beginning Sunday, September 10, at 10:00 a.m.  You can join any class at any point.

  1. Christianity, Sexuality, and Teens.  This fall, parents of tweens and teens are invited to join Mary Kathleen Duncan for a series of classes on the intersection of faith and sexuality in the life of teenagers.  We will explore topics including human development, stages of faith, body image, and media/technology.  We will also dig deep into Scripture and explore what God's word has to say about sex, bodies, and relationships.  This class will be discussion and small group-based with some lecture mixed in.  Come for all seven weeks or drop in when you can!.  Teacher: Mary Kathleen Duncan (Room 209)
  2. Reformation ABC's: The People, Places and History of the Reformation.  Events that happened in 16th century Europe changed the course of Western history, and those effects continue to reverberate today.  What, and who, caused this massive upheaval in religion and thought?  This lecture-style course will look at the history of the Reformation and ask, "What does it mean for us 500 years later as we attempt to follow Jesus?"  Teacher: Jean Weaver (Room 213)
  3. Saints and Sinners...and the Rest of Us.  There have always been some good people in the world, and some really bad ones.  And then there is the rest of us, a mixture of good and evil.  Think of some really bad people, like Madoff and the Nazi Mengele: then on the flip side some truly wonderful saintly folks, like Schweitzer and Bonhoeffer.  What are the heights and depths of being human?  From Noah in the Hebrew Bible, to America's Founding Fathers, to the television show "Entertainment Tonight and the evening news.  What do these tales tell us about our world and ourselves?  Mini lectures followed by spirited discussion and probably lively disagreement.  Teacher: Judith Chandler-Huse (Room 210)
  4. The Text This Week.  Join us each Sunday as we examine more deeply the texts from worship.  This is a lecture-style class and an informal way to get to know others and help find your place at WPC.  Enjoy conversation and context as we delve into the Sunday Scripture, sermon, and events from the week's news.  Teacher: Leigh Stuckey (Room 211)
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