Westminster Presbyterian Church Staff

The staff of Westminster Presbyterian Church works together to provide sacred worship, fellowship, and service opportunities to members and visitors.  A pastor visits local hospitals each day upon request of church members.

Please let us know if we can serve you in any way.

Pastor: Ludwig L. Weaver, Jr.

Associate Pastor: Barbara Stoop

Associate Pastor: Leigh Stuckey

Associate Pastor: Mary Kathleen Duncan

Parish Associate: Jean D. Weaver

Mission Outreach Coordinator: Susan McLarty

Music Director: Mark Kemp

Organist: Nancy Smith

Children's Choir Coordinator: Katie Knauer

Director of Nurseries: Janell Pitman

Financial Secretary: Sherri Owens

Office Manager: Michelle Little

Administrative Assistant: Wendy Bagley

Weekday School Director: Cara Puntch

Weekday School Assistant Director: Candi Lay

Weekday School Secretary: Annette Wilson

Building Supervisor: Steve Phillips

Sunday Sexton: David Lomax

Sunday Sexton: David Mosely

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