Pleasant Valley Connection


Westminster Presbyterian has had an ongoing commitment for the past 20+ years to mission and ministry in the Pleasant Valley area, formerly known as Piedmont Manor.  If you are not familiar with the location of Pleasant Valley, it is located just over one mile south of the church on Old Augusta Road.  This area has an overall poverty rate of 20 percent.  Thirty-five percent of the children live in poverty, approximately 39 percent of the adults lack a high school degree, and among first graders from Shemwood Crossing, more than 40 percent test "not ready" for school.

Westminster Presbyterian was instrumental in the planning and building of two buildings in the community.  The first building now houses Share/Head Start Program.  The second building, which opened in August 2003, called The Pleasant Valley Connection Building, serves as a community center and provides programs for all ages. PVC connects residents in the community to needed services in the greater Greenville community. 


Tutor: spend one-on-one time with elementary students helping with homework as part of an after school program offered at the Pleasant Valley Connection Building, Monday - Thursday from 3:30 - 4:45 p.m. during the school year.  You can tutor anytime during those hours depending on your schedule.

"ELEVATE" Team: professionals, instructors and experts can help evaluate and build professional development activities for youth/teens for PVC's ELEVATE program.  Professionals will lead activities/workshops and train other support staff on best practices in their career field.

Photographer: take photos during Pleasant Valley events, update photos on their website, and maintain the Pleasant Valley Connection scrapbook.

Reading Buddy: read to/with program youth during homework time, assisting youth with reading comprehension and recognizing words and their meanings. Monday - Thursday from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.  You can volunteer anytime during those hours depending on your schedule.

Green Thumbs: gardeners, instructors and experts can evaluate and build gardens, working hands-on with youth while teaching them about healthy eating and gardening.

Helping Hands: cut grass, trim hedges, plant flowers, spread mulch, pull weeds, and detail clean carpet.

Activity Assistant: assist staff and other volunteers in coordinating various programs, activities, workshops, and events.  Must be dependable, hardworking, and interactive.

Ministry Opportunity:

  • Tutor or read to an elementary child (1 - 2 hours/week)
  • Evaluate/build professional development activities for youth (once/month)
  • Take photos, update website, and maintain PVC scrapbook
  • Evaluate/build gardens (once/month)
  • Cut grass, trim hedges, plant flowers, spread mulch, pull weeds, and detail clean carpet (once/month)
  • Assist staff/volunteers in various programs, activities, workshops and events (dates/times vary)
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