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The link below gives you the ability to make a secure online contribution to Westminster Presbyterian via a direct debit from your bank account or via debit or credit card. To make a contribution, click the Donate button below. You will be taken to a secure online portal to complete your transaction. Then simply enter the amount of your contribution and click on the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page, and then follow the easy step-by-step instructions. Your gift helps to spread God's love, meeting the needs of the surrounding communities and the world.

You may also donate emergency direct food aid relief to our Malawian brothers and sisters through the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.  Specify the amount you wish to contribute.  In the "company" line, please note that you are donating to PDA Malawi Flooding DR000158. 

Westminster Presbyterian Church Online Privacy Policy

Westminster Presbyterian Church is committed to protecting your privacy and developing technology that gives you the most powerful and safe online experience. This Statement of Privacy applies to the Westminster Presbyterian Church website and governs data collection and usage. By using the Westminster Presbyterian Church website, you consent to the data practices described in this statement.

We have several basic groups of people that might be listed or referred to: pastors/staff, adult members, and youth. Information of concern includes names, email addresses, phone numbers and photos. Home addresses are never posted.

  • For pastors/staff, we list names, email addresses (usually office emails), and phone numbers. No home addresses are listed. It is important that people be able to contact the staff as needed.
  • For adult members, we often list names when they are a contact for some group or activity that we are featuring on the website. We do not list email addresses unless they have specifically given permission. We do not list phone numbers unless they have specifically given permission. It is assumed that other members have the church directory or can call the office for phone numbers.
  • For youth and children, we do not list names, first or last. We also do not list addresses, email addresses or phone numbers. Photo captions do not include their names. This is for their own protection.

When using photos of Westminster Presbyterian Church events, attendees, or membersóeither directly on the website or in our photo albumsówe use the following guidelines.

  • We try not to post anything that would be embarrassing, objectionable or hurtful to anyone in the photo.
  • We don't put names as captions with photos (except for pastors/staff or other members who have given consent)
  • We will gladly remove any photo immediately upon request.

In any case, if you see a photo that includes you or your child and would like it removed from the site, we would be glad to do so. Simply notify the church office with the details.
Please be aware, that while we never post home addresses, there are a number of websites that provide white pages or extensive listings of mailing addresses based on people's names.

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