Mentor Upstate

Mentor Upstate provides training and on-going support while working with elementary and middle schools.  Mentors are asked to commit at least 30 minutes a week to meet with his or her mentee before or during the school day.  Think for a moment about the many layers of support you had or your children have from friends, family, youth advisors, coaches, and more.  At its most basic level, mentoring helps because it guarantees a young person that there is someone who cares about them.  I invite you to learn more by contacting Susan McLarty, Mission Outreach Coordinator or visit

What is a mentor? A mentor is a suitable role model committed to serve as a guide and a friend for a designated student.  Although mentors can fill any number of different roles, all mentors have the same goal in common:  to help students achieve their potential and discover their strengths. 

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