"The Secret of Life"

John 6:1-15

Five thousand men, plus women and children, follow Jesus. Recognizing their physical need, Jesus asks Philip where they can buy food for the multitude. Philip's only response is that they do not have the money to feed this many people. And when Andrew approaches, noting that though he has found a boy with five barley loaves and two fish, he says there is no way this will help them out of their situation.

But Jesus has everyone sit down, and taking the boy's generous offering of his lunch, he not only feeds the people all they want, but has twelve baskets full of leftovers.

The story reiterates a secret of life, that generosity produces abundance. It is in the giving of ourselves, spiritually, physically, and monetarily, that we are blessed with baskets full of leftovers. This conflicts with our natural tendency to conserve, horde, play it safe. Yet, that fear of generosity kills our ability to discover the abundance of God's riches.

The Church seeks to imitate the little boy who freely and generously offered his resources to Jesus to help others. As we examine our commitments to Christ's Church, let each of us ask ourselves whether we have discovered the "secret of life."

Ludwig Weaver

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