"I Have No Skills. How Can I Minister to Others?"

Acts 6:1-6

    Many of us believe we have no skills that can be employed in helping others, in building up the community of faith. Sometimes that is because we do not think we can teach or preach. We are not handy enough to help at a Habitat House, or our voice does not lend itself to choir participation. Or, age has diminished our abilities.

    But the Church is built on everyone using their talents to enhance God's work. Often we forget that each of us possesses the ability and opportunity to help others. Three ways in which a person can participate are the ministries of prayer, comfort, and sharing.

    Christian teaching and experience tell us that lifting others in prayer can be a powerful aid in their lives. A church member who prays for people in the hospital, those going through a difficult personal period, for missionaries, Sunday School teachers, pastors, and youth advisors becomes a positive influence in these people's lives.

    A ministry of comfort also touches people's hearts and minds. Expressions of support, phone calls or emails of concern, a meal to a bereaved family or a new mother and father all express the love of Christ.

    Many parishioners have had experiences that give them insight into particular struggles. Those who have lived through the death of a spouse or child, conquered an addiction, or come out on the other side of divorce can be a true comfort and force of guidance for those in similar circumstances.

    Today, as I begin a new week, am I employing my gifts and talents in the service of God's work? What abilities within myself am I overlooking that can be employed to help others?

Ludwig Weaver

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