John 3:1-17

"Born Again - Politics or Promise?"

     The term "born again" receives much attention and interpretation in our culture. It has even become a political adjective describing certain types of voters.

     But Jesus' use of it was much deeper and powerful. It signifies God's ability to change us. The Greek word carries the dual connotation of being born again and being born from above.

     Yes, it is difficult for us to conceive that we can change our attitudes, prejudices, habits, addictions, basic behavior. And yet, centuries of Christian experience, and our own hearts, confirm that Jesus can transform us, change us, make us new creatures. Old habits, sin, bad choices can be wiped away. We can start fresh and clean in a new direction.

    This morning, as I begin a new week, am I keeping my eyes on Jesus, allowing God to turn me in another direction, move me into the sunshine of his love and care? Do I really believe that with Jesus' help I can be "born again?"

            Ludwig L. Weaver, Jr.

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