"Let's Get Him Some Preaching Lessons"
I Corinthians 2
     The Apostle Paul confronted a Greek culture, and Corinthian church members, who put a premium on oratorical skills. The truth and value of his teachings were often judged on their presentation. And, Paul was not a good preacher or speaker. In fact, Apollos, who followed him to Corinth, was a much better preacher.
     But Paul reminds the Corinthians that God's truth is not synonymous with words or intricate philosophies. Rather, the power of the gospel is found in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our willingness to allow Christ to speak to our hearts and minds will determine how God works within our lives.
    And, for some, this belief in Jesus' life, death, and resurrection will sound like foolishness. Much of what Christ said will strike those outside the faith as downright foolhardy. To love the unlovely, forgive those who have hurt us, give 10% of our money, or come to the aid of those we have never met, will strike those not committed to the faith as foolish, even harmful, gestures. But Paul reminds us that it is not the world's wisdom, but Christ's love, which will transform our lives.
     This morning, am I listening to Jesus or the world? Is the foolishness of the gospel the one thing that makes me a better person and the world a better place?
Ludwig Weaver
I Corinthians 2:1-2:    "When I came to you, brothers and sisters, I did not come proclaiming the mystery of God to you in lofty words or wisdom. For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and him crucified."

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