40 Good Things for Lent

March 1 - April 16, 2017

Lent is a special time in the church year.  It consists of the 40 days before Easter and is a time for prayer and for special giving.  Choose from the suggestions below and see if you can do 40 good things and/or give 40 monetary gifts this year during Lent.  Print this page and cross off each thing you do or give.  If you collect money, you can empty your bank and bring your money to church on Easter Sunday and mark it for the One Great Hour of Sharing offering.  This special offering supports the Presbyterian Hunger Program and Presbyterian Disaster Relief.

Ways to Give:
Think generously about all you have and remember that 40 quarters is only $10!

  1. Donate a coin for every shoe in your house.
  2. Donate money if you ate three meals today.
  3. Donate a coin for each blanket in your house.
  4. Donate money if you were able to go to school or work this week.
  5. Donate a coin for every DVD or video game you own.
  6. Donate a coin for every book in your house.
  7. Donate money for each mobile phone your family owns.
  8. Donate money if you ate out this week.
  9. Donate a coin for every sport someone in your family plays or likes to watch.
  10. Donate money if you have a roof that does not leak when it rains.
  11. Donate a coin for every soda you drank this week.
  12. Donate a coin for every bath tub, shower, or toilet in your house.
  13. Donate money if you have been to the dentist this year.
  14. Donate money if you know how to read.
  15. Donate money if you can see a doctor if you get sick.
  16. Donate a coin for every glass window in your house.
  17. Donate a coin for every faucet in your home that can give you water.
  18. Donate money if your family has a washing machine.
  19. Donate a coin for every piece of clothing in your closet.
  20. Donate money if someone loves you.
  21. Donate a coin for every band aid in your house.
  22. Donate money for every television in your house.
  23. Donate a coin for every lamp or ceiling light in your home.
  24. Donate a coin for every table in your home.
  25. Donate money if you own a Bible written in your own language.
  26. Donate a coin for every jacket you own.
  27. Donate money for each car your family owns.
  28. Donate a coin for every door in your house that you can close.
  29. Donate a coin for every toothbrush in your house.
  30. Donate money in honor of every pet that you love.
  31. Donate a coin for every stair or step in your house.
  32. Donate money if you have ever traveled outside the United States.
  33. Donate a coin for every light switch in your house.
  34. Donate a coin for every medicine bottle in your house.
  35. Donate money if you have ever flown on a plane.
  36. Donate money if you can access the internet in your home.
  37. Donate a coin for each type of fruit or vegetable in your home today.
  38. Donate money if you have ice in your freezer.
  39. Donate a coin for each person in your family who has been vaccinated.
  40. Donate money if you got to go on vacation last year.

Things to Do:
Choose 40 things from this list of ideas.

  1. Give five people compliments today.
  2. Do a chore for someone else in your family.
  3. Write a nice note to your teacher, boss, or coworker.
  4. Spend extra time playing with your pet.
  5. Donate canned goods (you can bring them to Westminster).
  6. Give a lot of extra hugs today.
  7. Invite your brother or sister or child to play a game or read a book together.
  8. Write a nice note to your parents or other relative.
  9. Sharpen someone's pencil for them at school or run an errand for someone at work.
  10. Bake cookies and deliver them to someone.
  11. Buy popcorn for the person behind you at the movies.
  12. Donate an extra box of tissues or other item to a school classroom.
  13. Call a relative just to say, "Hi."
  14. Invite someone to go on a walk with you.
  15. Let someone go ahead of you in line - at school, at lunch, at the store.
  16. Go through your books and give some away.
  17. Give someone else your turn - picking a show, playing with a toy, choosing a restaurant.
  18. Invite someone new to join you when you play today or introduce yourself to someone new.
  19. Buy a new toy to donate to children.
  20. Cook a meal or dessert and deliver it to someone.
  21. Help around the house without being asked to or do a little more than needed for someone.
  22. Say a prayer in your car every time you hear a fire or ambulance siren this month.
  23. Make a list of everything you are thankful for and post it where you can see it each day.
  24. Make cards or little treats for the elderly and take them to Meals on Wheels.
  25. Bring flowers or a plant to someone and surprise them.
  26. Introduce yourself to someone new at church.  Give them a big smile!
  27. Sort through clothes that don't fit any more and give them away.
  28. Invite a friend to come to Sunday School, It's Elementary!, or church with you.
  29. Put some bird seed outside for the birds.
  30. Draw a picture or write a note and give or send it to someone.
  31. Invite someone new to eat lunch with you.
  32. Make a homemade gift to give to someone.
  33. Clean up after someone else.  Pick up toys, take their dishes to the sink, or something else.
  34. Write a note to someone helpful at your school or office - the librarian, secretaries, office staff.
  35. Straighten up your room or other area without being asked or do it for some other person.
  36. Donate a coat or warm sweater to keep someone warm this winter.
  37. Leave change in a vending machine for the next person.
  38. Think of a friend or cousin you have not seen for a while and call, text, or write to them.
  39. Draw some kind chalk messages around where you live or do something nice for your neighborhood.
  40. Write a note to your brother or sister or other family member, telling them why you love them.
  41. Make a homemade bookmark and give it to your librarian when you return your book.
  42. Clean up your street or neighborhood by picking up litter.
  43. Help cook dinner for your family or cook something special that they really like.
  44. Leave a quarter in the gum machine at the store for the next child.
  45. Give a thank you card to the school crossing guard.
  46. Make a coffee run for those you work with.
  47. Hold the door open for people all day.
  48. Make a card or little gift for your babysitter or other person who helps your family.
  49. Write a note to one of your Sunday School leaders, teachers or pastors.
  50. Buy a copy of your favorite book and send it to a friend.
  51. Take pet food to the animal shelter or give it to Meals on Wheels for the elderly people's pets.
  52. Bake something and share it with someone to cheer them up.
  53. Spend time playing with some younger children in your neighborhood or do something kind for a neighbor.
  54. Pay for the person behind you at the drive through restaurant.
  55. Make a list of people who need your special prayers this week and pray for them each day.
  56. Be positive all day long!
  57. Write 20 or more things you love about a grandparent or other person.  Text one each day or write them on slips of paper and fill a jar and give it to them.
  58. Offer to pick up lunch for your office or coworkers.
  59. Fill an Easter egg or little basket with treats to deliver around Easter time.
  60. Offer to keep an eye on someone's house while they are away.  Pick up their newspapers or collect their mail.
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